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Incentives Don’t Work, Yet We Keep Using Them

For those who haven’t read Daniel Pink’s “Drive,” the best-selling book on what really motivates us today, make the time to do so, because it will illustrate to you quite clearly why it is time to stop wasting your precious time and resources on incentive programs that don’t work.  In fact, I’ll give you a challenge […]

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Compensation Program Resolutions for 2016

Every year we provide our clients, colleagues and the world at large with our recommended resolutions for improving the effectiveness of their compensation programs.  This year the theme of our resolutions is simple: Lift your compensation program out of the morass of ineffective and destructive methods that continue to plague the human resources profession and the […]

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Think Carefully about “Total Compensation” Pay Ranges

I’m not nearly as big of a fan of fruit as I should be, but it is my tendency to always want to compare apples to apples (which is my favorite fruit, by the way).  That makes me very leery of base pay ranges based on “total cash compensation” and my suggestion is that you […]

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