Archive | October, 2012

Compensation Waste 101 – When Raising Your Minimum Wage Will Lower Your Costs

Increasing the minimum wage does not improve the skills and contributions of those who currently earn the minimum wage – but increasing an organization’s minimum wage may be essential to achieving needed levels of productivity and performance.   Organizations of all types need to understand, from a business perspective, why being cheap is rarely the right […]

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How do we take the economy into account… again?

Nearly ever week I get asked the question “how should we take the economy into account when evaluating our pay structure?”  The fact that this question was actually asked means that there is a fundamental lack of understanding about the way pay structures are designed, assuming of course that the structure in question was designed […]

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EEOC Targeting Gender Pay Equity

According to multiple sources, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in concert with other agencies, is launching an aggressive campaign to identify and prosecute cases of gender-based pay inequities.  While concern about equal pay for equal work is an old one, reaching back as far as the Equal Pay Act of 1963, it has recently resurfaced […]

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